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Ultra Smooth Package

Shaving Care for Down There

A specialized 3-step groin shaving kit to help you buff, protect, and smooth your most sensitive areas.

Package Includes

  • Crop Exfoliator™ Gentle scrub for the groin area
  • Crop Gel™ Clear lubricating shave gel
  • The Crop Shaver™ Engineered specifically to shave the groin
  • 6 Replacement Blades for The Crop Shaver™
  • Travel Case

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The Ultra Smooth Package

Shaving Care for Down There

Step 1

Crop Exfoliator™

Gentle Scrub for the Groin

Infused with witch hazel, willow bark, enzymes and volcanic rock to gently exfoliate skin, revealing a smooth surface and clean slate to shave on. For best results and to help reduce ingrown hairs, use before shaving.

Step 2

Crop Gel™

Clear Groin Shaving Gel

This unique clear shaving gel is made just for the groin so you can see what you’re shaving. Crop Gel™ is infused with grapeseed oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and orchid flower extract to help moisturize and protect skin while shaving.

Step 3

The Crop Shaver™

Three-Blade Cartridge Razor

Engineered specifically for shaving the groin. The Crop Shaver™ features 3 precision blades, a micro comb bar and a pivoting head. Extra wide lubricating strips sooth the skin with avocado oil, argan oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E.

Thoughtfully Designed.

Ergonomically shaped handle with non-slip rubber pads allows for the best shave possible, from any angle to get those hard-to-reach areas.

Three Precision Blades
Three Precision Blades
Extra Wide Lubrication Strips
Extra Wide Lubrication Strips
Pivoting Head
Pivoting Head

Replacement Blades

For The Crop Shaver™

This package includes 6 replacement blades so you get a smooth, fresh shave every time.

Travel Case

No more losing your razor or letting it rust on your counter. Elevate your grooming setup by giving your razor its very own place in the chaos.

In The Box

  • Crop Exfoliator™
  • Crop Gel™
  • The Crop Shaver™
  • 6 Replacement Blades for The Crop Shaver™
  • Travel Case

How to Go Bare Down There

Shaving the gents should be the last thing you do in the shower. Warm water will help to soften the skin and hair in the area for a more comfortable shave. Apply a generous amount of Crop Exfoliator™ to the target area. Massage gently to remove dead skin and rinse the area clean. Apply enough Crop Gel™ to coat the target area (we made it clear so you can see what you’re doing). Shave in the direction of hair growth to help reduce ingrown hairs. You’ll want to rinse The Crop Shaver™ every 1-2 passes for optimal performance. When you’re finished, put your razor in its storage case so it’s stored face up, protecting the lubrication strip.

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Why should you groom your man parts?



Excess hair can trap dirt and sweat, resulting in odor and bacteria.



Trimming the hedges makes the tree look bigger. Need we say more?



8 out of every 10 partners find groomed men more attractive than unkempt men.



Gain confidence, giving you an edge in your career and social life.

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