The Plow 2.0
  • The Plow 2.0
  • The Plow 2.0
  • The Plow 2.0
  • The Plow 2.0
  • The Plow 2.0

The Plow™ 2.0


New Gunmetal Grey


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maximum single blade performance

Second-generation gunmetal grey face razor

Luxurious display case packaging

Precision engineered brass handle and zinc alloy head

Perfectly weighted handle specifically designed for a single blade performance stroke

Custom logo etching

Razor burn reducing cutting angle

Rust resistant


Let The Plow™ 2.0’s precision-weighted handle do the work for you. There’s no need to apply extra pressure to get that clean, skin-close shave you’ve always dreamed of. Simply let the blade glide smoothly over the curves of your face, using one long stroke at a time. Think of it this way: less cutting strokes can equal less skin irritation.

Each single blade has two sides, so carefully flip it over to start shaving fresh with a new, ultra-sharp cutting edge. The Plow™ 2.0’s single blade was designed to reduce painful ingrown hairs and uncomfortable razor burn, unlike cheap, plastic disposables.

PRO TIP: For a perfect shave every time, try The Plow™ 2.0 blade replenishment plan. You’ll save money, and help protect your face from nicks and cuts.

Reduce Razor Burn Effectively Now

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