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The Plow® 2.0

Single Blade Double-Edged Safety Razor


Gunmetal Grey

  • For face use only
  • Traditional single-blade razor
  • Razor burn reducing cutting angle
  • Product packaging may vary

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Maximum Single-Blade Performance

Close-up of The Plow® showcasing the MANSCAPED® branded etching

Precision engineered brass handle and zinc alloy head

Perfectly weighted handle specifically designed for a single-blade performance stroke

Close-up of The Plow® 2.0 razor head

Custom Logo Etching

Razor burn reducing cutting angle

Rust resistant

How To Use

Let The Plow® 2.0’s precision-weighted handle do the work for you. There’s no need to apply extra pressure to get that clean, skin-close shave you’ve always dreamed of. Simply let the blade glide smoothly over the curves of your face, using one long stroke at a time. Think of it this way: less cutting strokes can equal less skin irritation.

Each single blade has two sides, so carefully flip it over to start shaving fresh with a new, ultra-sharp cutting edge. The Plow® 2.0’s single blade was designed to reduce painful ingrown hairs and uncomfortable razor burn, unlike cheap, plastic disposables.

pro tip For a perfect shave every time, try The Plow® 2.0 blade Peak Hygiene Plan. You’ll save money, and help protect your face from nicks and cuts.

The Plow® 2.0 close-up with shaving cream on the blade

Testimonials From Some of Our Satisfied Customers

MikeVerified Buyer

Awesome razer

I don't leave reviews all that often on any website but after getting my replacement blade for my trimmer Manscape doesn’t me a free plow 2.0 a complete surprise and I'm glad I got it I love it now I don't have to use my Gillette razor anymore! Thanks manscaped!

Matthew K.Verified Buyer

Very good

When I first tried this I did not tighten the handle enough to create the best shave angle, so I was not happy. After realizing I needed to tighten the handle more than my other safety razors to get the right blade angle for safe shaving I was much happier. The razor has a good weight and balance and the handle length helps control the shaving. Finally, the Manscaped blades are very good. They are the right level of sharpness to give a comfortable shave and last for a couple shaves. I would recommend both this razor and the blades.

Nathan H.Verified Buyer

Best everyday razor!

I’ve had my Plow 2.0 since it first came out and I can say it is the BEST razor I have ever used, I am in the Air Force and required to shave everyday for the last 365+ days I have shaved with this razor from dry shaves, just water shaves, and with shaving cream shaves no matter whether I’m taking my time or rushing. It gives the same close and comfortable shave with no difference, no cuts, no burn. This razor by far is one of the best, it will beat out every razor IMO, my wife uses the Plow 1.0 for her legs etc and says the same thing!

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