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“Saves me sweeping & cleaning up the bathroom.”
- Efrain Z., Verified Customer


disposable shaving mats


Keep your bathroom clean and tidy while grooming. Magic Mat™ disposable shaving mats can keep trimmings in one place for easy disposal. They also serve as a source of entertaining news! Utilize its handy functionality while grooming, then neatly discard.

  • Dual purpose – entertaining yet practical
  • Easy to use and dispose
  • Made of recyclable paper
  • 3 disposable shaving mats included

Hilariously Effective Clean-Up

Dual Purpose

Entertains while serving a practical purpose.

Clean & Tidy

Custom-sized for optimum floor placement and collection.

How To Use

Unfold Magic Mat™ and place it on the floor of your bathroom. Then firmly plant your feet on the outer edges of the disposable shaving mats to ensure your trimmings are properly caught on the mat. Once you are done, simply fold up all trimmings and neatly dispose.

PRO TIP Magic Mat™ is a hilarious way to pass time on the can.

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