SkinSafeTM Blade Replacement

for the lawn mower

The Lawn Mower is equipped with a next level blade that means business. This specially engineered blade cuts easily through coarse or thick hair without any pulling or tugging, and the SkinSafeTM anti-nick feature means you can safely trim sensitive areas without nicks or cuts.

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designed to perform

SKINSAFETM technology

Specially engineered blades cut through coarse or thick hair without any pulling, tugging, nicks, or cuts. The extra small trimming teeth are safe trimming in sensitive areas.


The ceramic and stainless steel blade was designed to repel dirt, oil, and buildup that can lead to irritation. The blade is easy to clean and rust-proof.

how to use

how to replace

To replace the blade in your Lawn Mower 2.0 hold the trimmer facing you, place your thumb in the middle of the blade and press gently forward to snap it out of the handle. Place the bottom of the new blade module into the slot on the handle and press it gently down to snap in place.


To clean, snap out the blade module from the handle and wipe it with a damp cloth, or a brush to clean off hair scraps in between blades niches.

pro tip:

Regular maintenance is highly recommended for optimal performance and longer life of your blade module.

Ready for peak hygiene?

Get SkinSafeTM Blade

Ready for peak hygiene?

Get SkinSafeTM Blade
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