Thank you for shopping with Manscaped LLC. This Return and Refund Policy (this “Policy”) applies to you only if there is an issue with the product(s) that was delivered to you and you would like to return it. This Policy outlines the circumstances under which Manscaped LLC may accept your return and refund requests.


Manscaped LLC does not accept return and refunds unless there is an issue with the product such as a misplacement. To be eligible for a refund, (i) the product must be in the original packaging, (ii) refund requests must be made within 30 calendar days of product purchase, (iii) product must be in the same condition as it was when it was delivered to you, (iv) you must present a receipt for proof of purchase, and (v) product must contain any gift item that came along with it during purchase. If product does not meet the conditions above, we may deduct the price of unmet conditions or refuse a refund.

To make a return and refund request, reach out to Manscaped LLC via our email address at Your request must include your name, order ID, product you wish to return, and the reason for your request (whether for a refund or exchange). We will reply your request as soon as reasonably possible with the shipping details to receive the product.


After the product has been shipped to us, we will inspect it to see if it passes the conditions of a returnable product as described above. A confirmation notification will then follow to notify you if you will be entitled to a refund (of money or exchange of product). If you are entitled to a refund of money, we will credit the payment method that was initially used to order the product. The funds will be credited to your payment method depending on the policy adopted by your payment provider. If you are entitled to an exchange of product, we will ship it through the shipping information you previously used. You are responsible for paying the shipping fees (see Section 3 below). You may also follow up on refunds by reaching out to us via our email address shared above.


Our policy regarding the refunds of money and exchange of products described above does not include shipping and other handling fees as shown on the invoice. The shipping fees is non-negotiable and non-refundable. Also, you shall bear the burden in the event the product gets damaged or lost while shipping to us.


To learn more about this Policy, please reach out to us via
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