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How do I charge my Lawn Mower?

Always make sure that your device is fully charged before each trimming session.

The Lawn Mower® 4.0

To charge the Lawn Mower® 4.0, plug the provided charging station into an outlet and place the trimmer into the dock or a wireless charging pad. 

It will take approximately 5 hours to bring your trimmer to a full charge. At a full charge, you can use your trimmer for up to 90 minutes. 

The LED has been upgraded to a tri-level power status indicator that will light up individually when the trimmer is on to show its charge level in increments of 33%. When all three LEDs are lit up charging is complete.

The Lawn Mower® 3.0

To charge the Lawn Mower® 3.0, plug the provided charging dock into an outlet and place the trimmer into the dock. You can also plug the USB charging cable directly into The Lawn Mower™ 3.0. 

You can reach a full charge in under two hours providing up to 90 minutes of continued use. The LED indicator will flash while charging and is fully charged when the LED indicator stays lit.

The Lawn Mower® 2.0

To charge the Lawn Mower® 2.0 you can plug your USB charging cable into any USB charging port. A full charge can take up to 5-8 hours to reach. 

The LED indicator light will flash red while charging. The unit is fully charged when the LED indicator light turns green. While using the trimmer if the LED indicator light turns red you need to plug the device back in to charge. 

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